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Established in 2005, Apex Health & Fitness is an award winning facility that offers a range of services to meet your health and fitness needs and goals. Our services include personal training, bootcamps, chiropractic care, massage therapy, nutrition and more. The friendly, professional and knowledgeable team at Apex Health & Fitness is here to offer you ongoing support and motivation on your journey to becoming a better you. Please contact us to book an appointment.


Carl Carter R.M.T, PTS

Registered Massage Therapist, Personal Training Specialist


Carl Carter is a Registered Massage Therapist and Personal Training Specialist who has a commitment to health and fitness. Carl is a graduate from the Canadian College of Massage and Hydrotherapy and certified through Can-fit pro. Carl has worked with a variety of patients, from expectant mothers to athletes and seniors. Carl has training in many different types of massage including Myofascial release and Swedish techniques. He also has experience in massage during pregnancy, labor and delivery.

Carl is a 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2018 Reader's Choice Award winner for Massage Therapy and Personal Training.

Jaemi Cain R.M.T

Registered Massage Therapist


Jaemi attended the Canadian Therapy Therapeutic College in Burlington, Ont, where she studied a dual program in Massage Therapy and Sports Injury Therapy. She graduated in 2006 as a certified sports injury therapist and has a diploma in Massage Therapy. Jaemi's training in sports injury therapy has allowed her to work at various Judo and Gymnastic competitions, marathons and with a variety of sports teams which include womens soccer and boys football, hockey and baseball.  Jaemi has also worked at events such as Cancer Relay for Life and has participated at wellness days for large corporations. Jaemi has training in pregnancy and infant massage.

David Hyjek R.M.T.

Registered Massage Therapist


David is a recent graduate of the Massage Therapy Program at Centennial College. He is starting his RMT journey with us here at Apex. He is also a graduate of the Fitness and Health Program at Durham College, providing him with the knowledge to not only help rehabilitate individuals, but also inform patients about the importance of body mechanics to prevent further injuries.


David is trained in a variety of massage techniques from relaxation to deep tissue release.  He was a nationally ranked competitive swimmer and understands the importance of proper injury recovery and body maintenance.  

During school, David had the opportunity to work in a variety of different clinic settings ranging from babies, seniors, general public and specific condition patients.

David is eager to meet new clients and help them restore their bodies to their full potential.

 Katharine Martin PTS

Personal Training Specialist

Dedication. Resilience. Discipline.

Three words that remain important to @katharinem.fit 


Katharine Martin is a Certified Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach at Apex Health & Fitness who is focused on the details as much as the results.  She understands that every client has unique goals and is dedicated to working with each client to become the healthiest version of themselves; physically and mentally. 


“Everyone who comes into Apex Health & Fitness has a goal to achieve, whether they know what it is or not. My job is to understand why you’re here, what your story is, and how I can help create the healthiest version of yourself, while pushing you to meet your goals.”-KM


Katharine has a sports background in basketball and track, as well as 5 years of weightlifting behind her. She focuses on proper lifting form, breathing techniques, muscle activation, steady/consistent fat loss, and injury prevention when training her clients. In addition, Katharine is qualified to help you with any nutrition needs or questions you have regarding fueling your body.

Wesley Best PTS

Personal Training Specialist


Wesley is a CanFitPro Certified Personal Training Specialist who is motivated to help individuals attain their desired physique and improve physical fitness. Wesley has a diverse background in sports from being a successful team leader on multiple sports teams. At the age of 16 he specialized in track and field competing on the national and international level representing Canada in the sprints.


Wesley earned his bachelors of science degree in kinesiology in 2017 while receiving all-American honours in the NCAA on a track scholarship. Wesley now places his focus on Personal Training, Sports-Specific Training and Bootcamps. He uses his knowledge and expertise to inspire others to accomplish their fitness related goals. Why choose Wesley Best? The proof is in the name.

Katherine Sindol FIS 

Fitness Instructor Specialist


Katherine Sindol is a Certified Group Fitness Trainer who came from the Philippines and found her passion at a very young age.  She was always active and became involved in Martial Arts which taught her a lot of self-discipline and the holistic way of life.  She believes that through the Body, Mind and Spirit connection,  everyone’s daily life can be enhanced through achieving life balance.  As a mother of two, she understands how challenging it can be to include fitness in our daily routines. That is why she loves to inspire others and brings value to every workout.  She adds an educational approach to each session and encourages her clients to have fun while challenging themselves.  

Nancy Sinclair

Personal Trainer Specialist

Nutrition & Wellness Specialist 


Nancy found her passion for fitness near her 40th birthday, after realizing she had become overweight, emotionally imbalanced and was living an unhealthy, non-active lifestyle.

Nancy provides coaching, encouragement, support and motivation to help her clients develop healthy lifestyle habits for a longer, more active healthier life. Her goal is to educate and empower women with knowledge and support to allow them to make healthy realistic and informed decisions about their health and wellness.

Nancy has contributed many articles to Encompass Magazine. Her focus is health and wellness issues for women and hopes to become a regular contributor to many other publications as well as a spokesperson on issues relating to women in today’s environment.

Nicole de Haan

Personal Trainer 


Apex Health and Fitness Personal Trainer, Nicole de Haan provides training and customized fitness programs for women at all stages of life.


Nicole is a certified Personal Trainer through Can-Fit Pro. Her diverse athletic background and 20+ years of competitive soccer experience have provided her with an in-depth understanding of the best practices associated with health, fitness, and mental toughness.


Nicole continues to develop a holistic training program that supports women who face the challenges of tight schedules, limited time and limited energy. Her current focus is with our Mom and Baby Program helping women to heal there bodies physically building back their strength and agility.


She will help you to challenge yourself and set realistic goals, while supporting you in achieving each and every one at a pace appropriate for you.  Nicole has a passion for training and mentoring all women including teenage girls, expectant mothers, moms with babies, and mature women.




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