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At Apex Health and Fitness, our exceptional group comprises of highly skilled practitioners, including registered massage therapists, osteopaths, chiropractors, physiotherapists, and a holistic nutritionist. This diverse team is adept at working with clients of all ages and stages of wellness, bringing a wealth of experience and specialized training to their respective fields. Each practitioner, across all disciplines, is committed to a client-centric approach, ensuring your care is seamlessly aligned with your unique requirements, regardless of your choice of practitioner. Please note that we offer convenient online booking for some of our practitioners; to access the complete list of therapists' schedules, kindly reach out to us via phone (905-239-7459).


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Carl Carter R.M.T, PTS

Clinic Owner

Registered Massage Therapist, Personal Training Specialist


Carl Carter is a Registered Massage Therapist and Personal Training Specialist who has a commitment to health and fitness. Carl is a graduate from the Canadian College of Massage and Hydrotherapy and certified through Can-fit pro. Carl has worked with a variety of patients, from expectant mothers to athletes and seniors. Carl has training in many different types of massage including Myofascial release and Swedish techniques. He also has experience in massage during pregnancy, labor and delivery. Carl is a 2010, 2011, 2012, 2018 and 2021 Reader's Choice Award winner for Massage Therapy and Personal Training.

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Jaemi Cain R.M.T

Registered Massage Therapist



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Jaemi attended the Canadian Therapy Therapeutic College in Burlington, Ont, where she studied a dual program in Massage Therapy and Sports Injury Therapy. She graduated in 2006 as a certified sports injury therapist and has a diploma in Massage Therapy. Jaemi's training in sports injury therapy has allowed her to work at various Judo and Gymnastic competitions, marathons and with a variety of sports teams which include women's soccer and boys football, hockey and baseball.  Jaemi has also worked at events such as Cancer Relay for Life and has participated at wellness days for large corporations. Jaemi has training in pregnancy and infant massage.


David Hyjek R.M.T.

Registered Massage Therapist

David is a recent graduate of the Massage Therapy Program at Centennial College. He is starting his RMT journey with us here at Apex. He is also a graduate of the Fitness and Health Program at Durham College, providing him with the knowledge to not only help rehabilitate individuals, but also inform patients about the importance of body mechanics to prevent further injuries. David is trained in a variety of massage techniques from relaxation to deep tissue release.  He was a nationally ranked competitive swimmer and understands the importance of proper injury recovery and body maintenance.   During school, David had the opportunity to work in a variety of different clinic settings ranging from babies, seniors, general public and specific condition patients. David is eager to meet new clients and help them restore their bodies to their full potential.


Emily Guy, R.M.T

Registered Massage Therapist

Emily graduated from Centennial College with an Advanced diploma in Massage Therapy. While there, she learned to perform swedish massage as well as hydrotherapy and more. She has worked with a range of individuals starting with babies, women at risk, palliative care, athletes, old age homes, general public and more.  Her passion was born at a young age to help individuals and has since grown as she’s learned more about the human body and how to maintain and improve a healthy lifestyle. She’s worked in a multidisciplinary clinic before and understands how beneficial it is to have it all under one roof.  Emily is excited to start her RMT career here at Apex Health and Fitness and eager to help all those seeking a healthier and happier daily life. 

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Susan Cain, R.M.T. 

Registered Massage Therapist

Susan graduated from Wellsprings College in Richmond Hill, Ontario in 2006. She started practicing in Toronto in 2007 then moved her practice to Ajax. She uses various techniques in her practice, which include deep tissue, relaxation, gentle stretches and mobilization. She is a Reiki Master as well as a certified Acupuncturist.  She has worked with senior’s in Nursing Homes as well as expectant mum’s and babies.  She volunteered at Scarborough General Hospital for many years in Pallative Care and Emerg.



Julie Kobrynovich

Registered Physiotherapist

Julie is a highly regarded Physiotherapist in the Durham Region and has a wealth of experience practicing physiotherapy for over 12 years. After receiving her Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology from the University of New Brunswick in 2004, she headed to Western University in London, ON where she completed her Masters in Physiotherapy in 2007. She spent a majority of her career working in private practice in the Durham Region, while also working casually at Lakeridge Health Oshawa.  She has extensive experience working with orthopedics and sports rehabilitation, to the younger and older population. Her clinical approach focuses on manual treatment, functional movement restoration, education and home exercise programs to encourage patients to take an active role in their rehabilitation. ​She is a uniquely positive and empathetic individual that shows true care and concern for her patients and the community.  After receiving her Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology from the University of New Brunswick in 2004, she headed to Western University in London, ON where she completed her Masters in Physiotherapy in 2007. She spent a majority of her career working in private practice in the Durham Region, while also working casually at Lakeridge Health Oshawa.  She has extensive experience working with orthopedics and sports rehabilitation, to the younger and older population. Her clinical approach focuses on manual treatment, functional movement restoration, education and home exercise programs to encourage patients to take an active role in their rehabilitation. She is a uniquely positive and empathetic individual that shows true care and concern for her patients and the community. 

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Lee Boss

Registered Physiotherapist

Lee Boss is a Physiotherapy graduate of the University of Toronto. She is very experienced, highly educated and expects to see great treatment results in all her clients. Overall, her post graduate education has been extensive and diverse. Advanced manual therapy, McKenzie techniques, myofascial techniques, medical therapeutic exercise, chronic pain, medical acupuncture, German Auricular acupuncture, and specialized courses in the treatment of neck, low back, shoulders, knees, hips and ankles. There are many, many courses taken beyond this. The most important thing to know is how all this knowledge is applied to you.



Dr. Maria Gatti 

Hons. B.A. (Kin), DC Chiropractor

Dr. Maria Gatti graduated in 2006 with an Hons. B.A. in Kinesiology from York University. She received her Doctor of Chiropractic degree from the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College in 2012. Dr. Gatti specializes in the Diversified Chiropractic Technique and is also certified to provide acupuncture services. She is an avid soccer player and has enjoyed being part of the sport for over twenty-five years.


Dr. Michael Siciak 

 DC Chiropractor

Michael is a Chiropractor who graduated from CMCC in 2023 and is dedicated to providing a patient-centric approach to resolving neuromusculoskeletal complaints. With a passion for helping patients achieve their best health, Michael combines various treatment modalities to deliver comprehensive and personalized care. Michael takes the time to truly understand his patients' concerns, needs, and goals. He believes that effective treatment goes beyond addressing symptoms and focuses on improving overall functioning for longer-lasting results.. By adopting this philosophy, he builds strong and trusting relationships with his patients, empowering them to take an active role in their healing journey. Typical treatment programs include soft tissue therapy, spinal/extremity manipulative therapy, joint mobilizations, individualized progressive exercise programs, education, dry needling, electroacupuncture, and taping. When he is not in the clinic, Michael enjoys playing a variety of sports, spending time with his family, and camping in provincial parks across Ontario.


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Kelly Funchion

Manual Osteopathic Therapist

Kelly has been working in physical rehabilitation for over 16 years. First as a Kinesiologist/Exercise Therapist at a physiotherapy clinic, and over the last 5 years as a Manual Osteopathic Therapist. Looking for a more hands on and full body approach to rehabilitation and health, she found and fell in love with Osteopathy. It allows her to look for the mechanical WHY to the problem rather than treating the symptom or effect. She went back to school in 2013 to the Canadian Academy of Osteopathy in Hamilton. She earned my Masters in Practice of Osteopathic Manipulative Science in 2017, to add on my Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology from the University of Waterloo. When Kelly isn’t helping clients find better health through improved mobility, you can find her on the volleyball court, hiking or biking, or any activity outdoors.


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Blenda Chan, RHN

Registered Holistic Nutritionist™

Blenda is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist™ and a Certified Personal Trainer. Blenda's main passion is to work with individuals to help gain confidence. She take a holistic approach by incorporating healthy eating habits and a healthy mindset which will lead to a more gratifying lifestyle. A lifestyle we can share with our family, friends, and/or children. Not only will you feel more amazing, but your inner beauty will also shine outwards when you take good care of your body, mind and soul. Blenda is an IVF mom of two and a wife. Having suffered with fertility issues for over 5 years, she adopted a healthier lifestyle to help her with becoming a mother. As a Holistic Nutritionist, she began her journey by eating better. Reduced the intake of processed, refined and sugary foods and began eating whole and nutrient dense foods. Going to school for natural nutrition allowed her to learn the relationship between gastrointestinal health and nutrient absorption. Blenda studied at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition to become a Registered Holistic Nutritionist™. Blenda can work with you to build healthy habits together to improve your energy levels, regain your youthfulness, and enjoy longevity. Blenda is an author and published her first book available on Amazon: Change Your Mindset - Smart People Don't Diet.



Omar Qureshi


Omar has been practicing as a Chiropodist since 2001 with Residency programs at the Toronto General Hospital and Toronto Rehab. As a Foot Specialist, Mr. Qureshi has a special interest in Abnormal Biomechanics of the Foot. Omar has had vast experience working in various Clinical settings including Family Practise and Rehabilitation Centres. Mr. Qureshi has worked in various capacities offering services from young children to College Level Athletes. He has worked with the Bounce program in Brampton Ontario which helped develop Canadian youth for USA College level and the NBA.

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Wesley Best PTS

Personal Training Specialist

Wesley is a CanFitPro Certified Personal Training Specialist who is motivated to help individuals attain their desired physique and improve physical fitness. Wesley has a diverse background in sports from being a successful team leader on multiple sports teams. At the age of 16 he specialized in track and field competing on the national and international level representing Canada in the sprints. Wesley earned his bachelors of science degree in kinesiology in 2017 while receiving all-American honours in the NCAA on a track scholarship. Wesley now places his focus on Personal Training, Sports-Specific Training and Bootcamps. He uses his knowledge and expertise to inspire others to accomplish their fitness related goals. Why choose Wesley Best? The proof is in the name.


Jennavive Cobb, PTS

Personal Trainer Specialist

Jennavive is a CanFitPro Certified Personal Training Specialist who has a passion for health and wellness. Each program is uniquely customized based on the client’s goals and needs. As fitness has always been an important aspect of her life, providing motivation to others is what she does best. Building a strong foundation is essential in her programs as this helps develop strong bodies and minds. The goal is for her clients to be able to apply these skills in their day-to-day lives so that they’re not only stronger and more physically fit, but so that they are overall happier and better suited to deal with life’s challenges. Afterall, fitness is a journey, not a destination.


 Jesse Forte, PTS

Personal Training Specialist

Jesse is a certified personal trainer specializing in 1 on 1 and 2 on 1 training as well as bootcamps. Fitness is a journey and his goal is to be the GPS to help his clients to stay on the right path.  "My training technique encourages my clients to be both physically and mentally strong so that they are prepared to face whatever life has to throw at them."

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Katherine Sindol FIS 

Fitness Instructor Specialist

Katherine Sindol is a Certified Group Fitness Trainer who came from the Philippines and found her passion at a very young age.  She was always active and became involved in Martial Arts which taught her a lot of self-discipline and the holistic way of life.  She believes that through the Body, Mind and Spirit connection,  everyone’s daily life can be enhanced through achieving life balance.  As a mother of two, she understands how challenging it can be to include fitness in our daily routines. That is why she loves to inspire others and brings value to every workout.  She adds an educational approach to each session and encourages her clients to have fun while challenging themselves.  


Michael "Captain" Carey


With over 17 years of experience in the industry, Michael is one of the top professional coaches in Canada. Training celebrities, professional athletes, Olympians, the youth and of course mothers and fathers, he has trained them all! Former and still active elite level hockey, volleyball and rugby player. He has also won a gold & Silver medal in UFE's Fitness Physique category. Michael uses his gold standard certification to track various fitness assessments such as measuring body fat %, combined with counseling techniques and nutrition to give you the complete package when it comes to lifestyle transformation.

Taejon M

 Taejon Mikle, PTS

Personal Training Specialist

Taejon Mikle is a dedicated personal trainer and esteemed bootcamp leader at Apex Health and Fitness. With a rich background spanning six years in the realm of personal training, Taejon embarked on this journey after graduating from Centennial College with a degree in fitness and health promotion. His repertoire includes an infectious fervor, an abundance of vitality, a treasure trove of sagacity, and a proficiency in sports training geared towards athletes. Notably, Taejon's athletic prowess extends to his participation in soccer on international turf, notably in the Czech Republic, amassing a reservoir of invaluable experiences tailored for aspiring athletes. His ultimate passion lies in guiding clients and bootcamp members along the trajectory towards their short-term and long-term objectives. If you're yearning for transformation, seize the opportunity to commence your voyage today—Taejon Mikle eagerly awaits to propel you forward!


Sam Richards, PTS

Personal Training Specialist

Sam is a very motivated individual addicted to inspiring change in the lifestyle of others.  He loves helping others make transformational health decisions that increase their health and longevity.   Helping others to achieve an elevated quality of health has been a lifelong goal.  He has also been able to accomplish this through almost two decades of his additional career as a Registered Nurse. Sam is very passionate about healthy food choices.  As a Whole Food Plant-Based Vegan,  he can offer support for individuals looking to make Plant Based dietary changes.  He firmly believes dietary choices have an immense effect on health and performance. Athletically, he has been a competitive athlete at the high school and University level. He has played basketball on post-secondary teams and on the provincial level.   He is at your service if you are working towards a post-secondary scholarship or have personal goals of achieving optimal health.

Jenn Boyle.jpg

Jenn Boyle, PTS

Personal Training Specialist 

Jenn is a canfitpro certified Personal Training Specialist and Fitness Instructor Specialist. 10 years experience in the Fitness Industry has resulted in certifications with BOSU, TRX and Triggerpoint. With an abundance of energy, she enjoys teaching high impact classes including HIIT, Tabata and strength Training. Having experienced a significant weight loss before becoming and Instructor, Jenn uses her dedication to healthy eating and understanding of life's challenges with her clients to assist them in reaching their personal goals. Now that her three kids are in their teens, Jenn's next goal is to complete her Nutrition certification. The journey continues!


 James Connell, PTS

Personal Training Specialist

James, a renowned Certified Personal Trainer and Registered Holistic Nutritionist in the Durham area since 2007, has helped countless clients achieve outstanding results in their health and fitness goals. He incorporates a unique approach that focuses on the body, mind, and spirit, leading to a complete lifestyle transformation. In addition to his extensive knowledge, experience, and professionalism, James is also a graduate of the 2019 Massage Program at Trillium College in Oshawa. James has a client-focused approach, that offers his clients the best training in an encouraging and supportive environment. He has an outstanding track record of exceeding client expectations, building strong client relationships with mutual trust and understanding. James is driven by a strong desire to see his clients experience a life of fitness and well-being. It is this desire that ensures his clients reach their health and fitness goals. With James by their side, clients are well-equipped to make positive changes that will last a lifetime.

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